Anita Tung is a human, art director, and illustrator living and working in the Bay Area. She graduated from Rhode Island School of Design with a degree in Illustration and then opened a parachute and floated west, overshooting her hometown of Kalamazoo, MI by a few thousand miles.

Anita can be contacted via email at anita.tung@gmail.com for freelance work. 


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Selected Clients

Games: Endless (Hack), Harmonix (Dropmix), Katapult (CHKN), Code Combat, STEAM Galaxy (Go Extinct!), Kingbreaker Games (Diaspora: Flight), Machine Zone, Dim Bulb Games (Where the Water Tastes Like Wine), Girls Make Games (The Hole Story)

Illustration: Intercom, Curriculum Associates, Lenny Letter, Narrative.ly, IFTTT, Castle, Teespring, Mosaica Publishing, Intuary

Design: Vianai Systems Inc.


“Neither my eyes nor my mind were offended” — Sebastian Heycke

“Low-key cool” — Connie Leung